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Languages of Afghanistan

2017-07-27T21:14:46+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Hazaragi dialect, Wakhi language, Shughni language, Central Pashto, Tirahi language, Wanetsi, Northern Pashto, Pashto, Uzbek language, Brahui language, Central Asian Arabic, Saraiki dialect, Afshar language, Moghol language, Gawar-Bati language, Munji language, Jakati language, Dari language, Askunu language, Kamkata-viri language, Sanglechi language, Wasi-wari, Waigali language, Nangalami language, Shumashti language, Parachi language, Domari language, Pashayi languages, Afghan Sign Language, Tregami language, Ormuri, Sistani dialect, Adurgari, Mumviri dialect flashcards Languages of Afghanistan
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