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2017-07-27T19:56:00+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Retroreflector, Distortion, Lambert's cosine law, Radiant flux, Electron microscope, Luminous intensity, Refractive index, Total internal reflection, Diffraction grating, Optical depth, Atmospheric optics, Magnetic lens, Ophthalmoscopy, Max Born Award, Binoculars, Group velocity, Optical amplifier, Radiation pressure, Reflection coefficient, Spherical aberration, Transparency and translucency, Colorimetry (chemical method), Photoelasticity, Corner reflector, Dichroism, Asterism (gemology), Cardinal point (optics), Plane of incidence, Frequency selective surface, Photoelectrochemical process, Signal-to-noise ratio (imaging), Bloch wave – MoM method, Cauchy's equation, Opticks, Nonimaging optics, History of optics, Index-matching material, Opacity (optics), Fourier optics flashcards Optics
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